Combating Carding With BIN Checker

The use of card credit also brings some disadvantages and threats. One of the problems of plastic payment card is referred to as carding. Carding is one of the ways through which credit card fraudsters can steal the credit card information of card users. Carding process helps credit card users to determine whether or not a payment card which can be a credit or debit card is still valid or good for transaction. Normally, when fraudsters obtain credit card information of a consumers, they will try the details first in order to find out whether or not the card is still working or whether it has been disabled. They do this by using the card details to purchase item that is worth small amount of money. They don’t care about the type of items they purchase. The reason why they make order for item that is worth small amount of money is that they do not want to attract attention of either the credit card owner or the merchant. If they are successfully with the small order, they can now start planning on how to feast on their prey without being caught because they have become aware that the card is still good.

As a merchant that accepts payment with cards, it is important that you know how to spot carding and other activities of fraudsters and will help you with this. This is because your failure to stop will result in chargeback on your business. Besides, it can also results in loss of customers. If your business becomes notorious for credit card fraud, there is no doubt that many of your customers will look elsewhere because nobody will want to go through the trouble. You can see why it is important for you to combat carding and ensure that your customers are not victims. But the question is “how can your business combat carding or avoid being a victim of carding?” The answer is quite simple. You can achieve that with the use of BIN check.

BIN checker is introduced to help merchants to combat credit card fraud and avoid running losses resulting from payment of chargeback. Many businesses have not started using BIN checker either because they do not believe in its efficiency or they are ignorance of the numerous benefits of such technological breakthroughs to their businesses. If you are using a BIN checker, you will be linked with BIN number database by the service provider. If you are linked to BIN number database, it means that cards cannot be validated on your website by fraudsters. In other words, your are making your website not to be “cardable” for the credit card thieves.

Bear in mind that credit card fraudsters work in groups and even have forums. So, if one discovers that your website is porous in terms of security, he or she will share the idea with the others. In the same manner, if one discovers that your website is secure, he will share it with the others and discourage them from attempting any fraudulent act in your website. The net effect of the use of BIN checker in combating carding is that it will make it to be more reliable and reputable among consumers and more scary to the thieves.